6 Common Household Causes Of Blocked Drains

If you’ve called plumbers on the Central Coast countless of times before, then a blocked drain is probably one of the problems you’ve called about. This is one of the most common problems that residential properties and even commercial establishments face in this area.

While it’s easy to call your trusted plumber to do a repair, if you don’t find a remedy for the underlying cause of blockage it will just keep happening again and again. And wouldn’t you want to once and for all say goodbye to blocked drains at home?

These are the common causes of blocked drains that every homeowner should be wary of:

1.       Hair

This is an especially common cause of blockage in bathroom sinks and showers. A strand of hair may be harmless but as each one accumulates, this can cause a major problem restricting water flow through your pipes. To prevent clogging, ensure you have a cover or hair trap installed over your drain and clean these after every shower.

2.       Grease and Fat

These two are the usual culprits when it comes to kitchens. These stick to the insides of the pipes and eventually build up, preventing liquid from passing through. The easy solution to this is to keep grease and fat away from your drains.

3.       Foreign Objects

Foreign objects like tissues, sanitary napkins, diapers and even toys can also cause clog-ups, specifically for toilets. For other types, soap residue or food build-up can also contribute to clogging. Make sure these are kept away from your drains to avoid blockage.

4.       Leaves and Twigs

Outside drains are not exempt. There are many elements outdoors that can impede the water flow and leaves, twigs and small tree branches are some of these. Keep these away from your outside drains to maintain proper water flow.

5.       Broken Pipes

Age and tree roots can cause your pipes to break. When this happens, water can’t flow freely and this will cause blockage. Aside from cleaning your drains and ensuring no objects get in it, also ask your local plumber to check on your pipes to ensure these are still in good working condition.

6.       Poor Installation

You should also watch out for incorrect or poor pipe installation as this may also lead to clogging. As pipes are fragile, they need to be fitted with utmost care and attention. This is vital in ensuring your pipes don’t get damaged and drains don’t get blocked in the future.

Paying closer attention to these six factors can help you a great deal. An efficient plumber for blocked drains can easily solve drainage issues in your home, but you also need to make sure the underlying causes are taken care of. Help ensure that your home’s drainage system is healthy by not allowing these six to cause problems to your drains.

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