How To Spot Hidden Leaks In Your Home

Have you been playing hide and seek with the leaks in your home? Leaks are tricky, because they can appear out of nowhere and only when they’ve finished causing a lot of damage. You want to spot them as soon as possible so they can be quickly fixed by your trusted Central Coast plumbers preventing further problems from happening.

To spot those leaks before they wreak havoc, here are the things you need to watch out for.

1.     Sound of Running Water

If you hear a continuous sound of running or dripping water even if nothing is turned on, then you should suspect a leak. Because pipes are located in your walls, the hollow space can reverberate the sound that leaking pipes create. Have a plumber identify where the sound is coming from and fix it.

2.     Mould

While it’s perfectly normal to spot mould or mildew in areas of your home where water accumulates, if they appear in areas that don’t have direct access to water you should be concerned. In a bathroom for example, non-shower walls and bathroom corners are some areas that you should look out for. As mould thrive in moist areas, you should suspect a leak if they appear in these supposedly dry areas.

3.     Ceiling Stains

Brown or dark stains – if you see these on the ceiling, then it’s probably a sign telling you of a leak. This is especially true if you have a bathroom on the second floor.

4.       Foul Odour

If you have a hidden leak, chances are the water that has accumulated won’t see the light of day and won’t have the chance to dry. This scenario would then result to old, accumulated water that emits a foul or musty odour.

5.       Damaged Walls

When your drywall is exposed to moisture, this will cause bubbling, warping or breaking. These can be signs of a leak. If you notice that the paint on your wall is cracking or the wallpaper is becoming loose, it can mean the same thing. Call emergency plumbers to fix the problem and maintain the safety of your family in your home.

6.       Damaged Floors

A leak will cause the tiles on your floor to become loose, your subfloor to be damp, and your floor to crack or stain. If you notice these happening in your house, then consider them as a sign of having a leaking pipe underneath your floor.

7.       Abrupt increase in water bills

Compare your water bills every month. If you notice that your bill quickly escalates just after a few weeks or months, have a professional check on your plumbing system as it is highly likely you may be having hidden leaks in your home.

Like a blocked drain repair, leak repairs should be done immediately to prevent serious damage to your flooring and walls, and the dangers it may bring to your family.

Be wary of these seven signs that signal hidden leaks in your home and let a reliable plumber help you fix these.

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